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What about Heaven?

Most people think it is:
     Up somewhere?
           .. something about harps and clouds?

Heaven - where is it?  

  • Where God is.
    Our Father  ... in heaven.  Matthew 6:9

The promise of Jesus:  John 14:1-3

In My Father's house ...
I go to  ...
I will come back and ...

How do we get there?  1 Thessalonians 4:16,17

The Lord himself will descend from heaven
The dead in Christ will rise
We who are alive will be caught up with them

Will we be real?

Were is Christ coming from? How will He change our bodies? Philippians 3:20,21;  1 Corinthians 15:51-53.
Was Jesus really real after he was raised from the dead?  Luke 24:36-43  (1024)

The Heavenly city

Heb 11:8-16  Abraham was waiting for a city built by God
He saw it far in the future
God has prepared a heavenly city (no sub-standard housing!)
Revelation 21  The city described

The New Earth

Matthew 5:5  The meek shall inherit the earth.
2 Peter 3:13  Promised, the home of righteousness.

God changes things.
Revelation 21:4 There will be no more ...

What will happen to those with physical disabilities?   Isaiah 35:5,6

Isaiah 65:17      People will not remember the past or think about those things.   People will be happy forever.

Real People doing Real Things!

  Building and planting Is 65:21-25
  Enjoy nature  (also 11:6-9)
  Worship Is 66:22, 23

Who will be in the kingdom
Rev 21:7, 8, 27      Nothing  that ...
                             Only  ...

1 Cor 6:9-11  Some people who will not be in the kingdom.  Who will?

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