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Do you have to be baptised to go to heaven?

Jesus instruction:   Matthew 28:19, 20.     John 3:5.

People have all sorts of ideas;
        ‘Getting the kids “done,”’
        in oil,
        over the phone ...

What is meant by “baptism”?
The word “baptism” comes from the greek “BAPTIZO”:  to dip, immerse, submerge.  It was used among the Greeks to signify the dying of a garment, the drawing of water by dipping a vessel into another.

Bible descriptions of baptism

bullet Jesus.  Matthew 3:13-17   Jesus came up out of the water.  Coming up
   implies a going down.
bullet John the Baptist.   John 3:23   Needed plenty of water.
bullet Philip.   Acts 8:36-39       Philip and the man being baptised both went
   down into the water.  Both came up out of the water.

Baptism symbolises:

bullet Washing away of sin. Acts 22:16
bullet Jesus death, burial and resurrection for me. Romans 6:3-6

Baptism is for the Christian what a wedding is for a Family

bullet Culmination of a “getting to know you” period with a time of public     commitment.
bullet Entered into thoughtfully and with understanding of what is involved.
bullet Learning how to please
bullet Both involve leaving ...  and joining ...

Preparation for baptism

bullet Instruction      Matthew 28:19,20
bullet Faith              Mark 16:16
bullet Repentance    Acts 2:38

 On this basis, when should a person be baptised?

  What happens at Baptism?

bullet Baptised into the body.       1 Corinthians 12:13
        bullet What is the body?       Colossians 1:18
bullet Receive the Holy Spirit.
        bullet Jesus baptism.            Matthew 3:16, 17
        bullet Pentecost.                  Acts 2:38
bullet Jesus is our example.         1 Peter 2:21  

Copyright K. Bird   ©2004

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